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From our Guests

Personalised playlists for each of our guests unique taste and personality. Find your style or follow us on Spotify

Tea Time

For a swinging good time, be sure to press play on this music collection from another era. With Frankie and Etta to lead the way. You’ll be feeling like Fred and Ginger in no time.

English Breakfast Tea

It’s a Full English line up, ready to set the British tone for your cup of “Butchers tea.’ Everything from The Magic Roundabouts ‘Sugar, sugar’ to Ed Sheerans’ ‘English Rose.’

The Laundry Garden

With classical concepts flowing through their garden so beautifully, this collection of classical pieces from well known, to up-and-coming artists we should all know, this really is like stepping into the magical ‘walled garden’ with Jenny and Tom. With a 70’s twist that you’ll ‘blooming’ love.

Scotland Tea Diaries

Jamie and Bryn from the Scotland Tea Diaries didn’t disappoint with this eclectic combination of music that could transition you from a morning cuppa, to a night out at the glittering West End.

Katia Sokolskaya

Katia’s love of culture, people and the variety that these uplifting moments can bring, is as clear in her playlist, as it is in her artisan tea blends. Sip yourself happy with this collection and a cup of tea in hand.

Andrew Gravett

Andrew’s favourite band, the Snarky Puppies really inspired this Jazz playlist. Perfect to accompany any mood and ‘spark’ the creative juices, all thanks to its being littered with incredibly talented musicians from beginning to end.

Victoria Eggs

Victoria’s love of Tracy Chapman set a foundation for this soulful, feel good playlist that’s sure to get you singing along and tapping your toes. Best enjoyed with a cup of the good stuff. Tea.
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