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An original tea:lc poem for the queen

Our loving tribute

Trying to encapsulate the Queen in one journal entry is, at best, insulting! So that’s not what this is. Instead, I wanted to share beautiful moments captured of the Queen and her love of tea. A dip into some of the history behind beautiful traditions such as the Palace Garden Tea Party and the Royal lineage of Afternoon Tea. In doing so, I hope to create a little piece of happiness for us to all share about the Queen and our common tea thread as we reflect on her everlasting legacy and character. Thank you, ma’am x

A look back in time

After the Second World War, tea was a simple pleasure, which I suspect meant to the then-young Elizabeth the same thing it still does to all of us today. Time with family, friends, loved ones and precious moments to reflect on events past and present. A moment caught so beautifully in this photograph of footage released from the Queen’s private family album of young Princess Elizabeth II having tea in the garden with her sister, Princess Margaret. Her rosy cheeks were no doubt a result of time well spent outdoors in the fresh air. Something the Queen enjoyed doing throughout her whole life.

Young Queen Elizabeth laughing with tea
Credit Daily Mail - via Pinterest. All sources included below article

Tea is no stranger to that of the Royal family, and its very introduction was thanks to the Foreign Princess, Catherine of Braganza. She travelled from Portugal to marry Charles II in 1662. “She packed a casket of tea for her voyage (as any self-respecting tea lover would), and she became the First British Queen to drink tea.” (Excerpt from - Tea…The Great British Answer To Everything)

A royally good idea

One of my favourite little anecdotes about Queen Elizabeth is knowing that, for the most part, she started her day with tea in bed, with a few biscuits or some shortbread to accompany it. Something I constantly think about when debating if it is indeed too early in the day to have a biscuit with my tea. I simply remind myself of the argument-winning one-liner, ‘if it’s good enough for the Queen, then it’s good enough for me.’ A sentiment that I feel accurately covers most areas, but in particular that of starting one’s day in bed, with tea and biscuits.

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Palace Garden Party

To look to the other end of the tea spectrum, you have The Queen’s Garden Party events. Held at either Buckingham Palace (three annually) or the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh (once a year). Events that I believe are widely accepted as an excellent occasion for any tea lover to test out their tea sophistication, not to mention the great honour it must be to be invited in the first place. It is the Royal Standard of tea events, with either The Sovereign and/or representing members of her Royal Family in attendance. During these remarkable events, it has been estimated that 27,000 cups of tea are enjoyed, with 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake, all served by the impeccable 400-plus wait staff. A monumental Afternoon Tea celebration that has gratitude at its heart to those who, in their own way, help add to their greater community. Unlike most tea-drinking outfits (pj’s), this event has the added reason to dress your best. “For a Garden Party, gentlemen wear morning dress or lounge suits, while women wear day dress, usually with hats or fascinators. National dress and uniform are also often worn.”

The Queen of tea and our hearts

The Queen has given so much to her people and family as a mother (ma’ma), granny and great granny. She has shared tea with them all in her duty and family time. From sitting with workers during a tea break and listening to their stories to sharing precious time with her beloved family… The Queen has used the masterful art of drinking tea to share conversations, show gratitude and have fun. It has fuelled her on her extensive tours around the globe and countless engagements over her unmatched seventy years on the throne. We often hear tea as being the drink that powers a nation in the UK. It is! We can say with some confidence that it was also loved by the ever constant, ever faithful to her vow, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I hope you join me in toasting her in the most British way I know how and have a heartfelt cup of tea in her honour.

Our deepest sympathy and continued support to King Charles III (The Gardener King) as his Royal Family.

Late Queen Elizabeth in photo frame surrounded by purple flowers
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