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The Swing

Build by hand and with love by us at TEA:LC

Freestanding swing looking out over water

About three weeks ago my hubby and I were sitting chatting about our ideas for tea:lc and the swing came up. The idea of a swing is something we’ve actually thought of before now, but with the creative freedom, (or so it feels,) to be able to create under tea:lc, it all just clicked. What better way to enjoy a cup of tea than sitting on a swing in this stunning country, soaking in nature and living outdoors?!

So Mr. J set about designing it, albeit, four versions of it for us to choose from and we agreed on this design. Together we’re fortunate to enjoy the same style in almost everything, so agreeing on this was a breeze. But the drawings are almost like seeing the real thing for Mr.J but for me, they just give me the idea of what he has in mind. A communication tool of getting ideas onto paper, but the finished version is so much better than a CAD drawing could ever be!

I read recently an artist discussing the difference between a gallery displaying finished pieces of art and the creative workspace in which they actually get made. Whether you’re a painter, a carpenter, a chef making a world class afternoon tea etc, the workspace and the ‘gallery’ in which the final piece is enjoyed by others, seemingly draw no parallels with one another. So we wanted to share with you some of the tea fuelled, not-so-polished images and videos that lead to the completion of our first project… The Swing.

A Swing with tea in mind.

Why a swing in the first place? For us, the beauty of living in this ‘beaut’ of a country is getting to live outdoors as much as we do. We’d rather be out than in. We both love the morning sun and the idea of having our morning cup of tea, sitting with the sun in our face, listening to the incredible symphony of birds, felt like a project worthy of being our first. First cup of tea of the day, first tea:lc project, check! My only major request was that the arms be big enough to sit my cup of tea on and to lean on comfortably. I’m not a fan of things that make you feel ‘perched.’

It’s a lifestyle thing.

Zooming out for a second, I think now is as good a time as any to say that for us, we knew when we started tea:lc what it wasn’t going to be and we knew why we wanted to explore the lifestyle, the humour and more human qualities about tea, rather than focusing on the tea itself. We’re not connoisseurs of tea and nor have we the wealth of knowledge in it to make this so. We are just two people who have (particularly for me being from the UK) found that it’s a silent sidekick to so many of life’s day-to-day moments; whether that’s having a laugh with a friend, or chatting with someone new or getting fired up for a project (Mr.J had a few during this project as you’ll see,) and it seems to be a common thread for so many people and that is what we’ve loved exploring with tea:lc so far.

Time to build.

The hard yakker begins (Aussie saying)… The moment that plans become a prayer and you decide today is the day to press play. Lengths of timber become precisely cut lengths of a jigsaw puzzle, that get called upon to join the procession of assembly as required. Shapes start to appear that look nothing like the final piece at all! And then slowly the bigger picture starts to emerge and you see the possibility of a final piece shine through. Many hours of thought, hard work and cups of tea later and voila! The Swing has arrived! Still unpainted and raw looking but she’s swinging! Solid and chunky but she feels like a cloud to sit on as we swing our legs like a two year old at the park. With white paint added and cushions to come, we have our swing, sat ready for as many cups of tea as we like and I dare say a few biscuits lost here too.

A Surprise.

As the swing was in its final stages, Mr.J sent me a photo that made me truly laugh out loud, almost waking my daughter who was napping next to me, and we can’t wait to share it with you too. It’s good to laugh and it’s great to share, so we’ll save it for another cup of tea! In the meantime, why not pop the kettle on and have some tea:lc of your own.

The best stuff is what happens ‘between two cups of tea…

From our cup to yours, thank you for ‘hanging’ out with us x

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