The Laundry Garden

Updated: Sep 18

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Jenny and Tom’s home, dates back to the 1770’s and was originally the outbuilding that belonged to the Hall residence, and it was in fact used as the laundry. Intrigued? I most certainly was… And so The Laundry is a stunning listed home, that with thanks to Jenny and Tom, can now boast a romantic and classically inspired collection of gardens that they so aptly named, The Laundry Garden.

Jenny and Tom with their dog at the laundry garden
The fabulous Jenny and Tom

There’s a magic to both the Walled Garden and House Garden that is truly capable of transporting you to another era in time. The ‘Pride and Prejudice’ feeling that comes from these two areas is enchanting and complemented only further by the addition of the Roundhouses that create The Laundry Retreat. An outstanding combination of understated opulence and a homeliness that would help anyone feel removed from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

I had the pleasure of ‘walking down the garden path’ of this incredible story with Jenny and Tom, which led to design considerations, creative methods, inspirations and so much more, including the ‘Microwave Tea Game’ and Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer.’

Whether you too have a passion for green fingered pursuits or you wish to know more about the interior design considerations behind their Retreat, or, you simply wish to have a good helping of fun and positivity with two of the most down-to-earth people going?! This is a conversation that I know you’ll love being a part of.

Enjoy listening to the musical journey that is inspired by Jenny and Tom on our playlist - The Laundry Garden.

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