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Updated: Oct 8

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Behind the brand

With its history steeped in the traditions of the British tea culture, coupled with a determination to execute to the highest possible standard, The Berry Tea Shop continues to grow, thrive and make a name for itself, both in-store and online. Trusted for its unwavering commitment to quality and homemade values, its owners, Cliff and Paulina, bring their collective hospitality know-how and growth-mindset to the table. Creating what started out as a much-loved tea shop, into what is now, a much-loved brand.

A tea lovers paradise

From homemade cakes and scones served in store, to their own range of hand-blended, organic, no-flavour-added tea. They have managed to ‘scale up’ without compromising the principles and values they started with. This includes packing the tea every night in small batches to ensure only fresh ingredients make it to the menu.

The result

The result is, as I described to Paulina during our conversation, a tea lover’s treasure-trove. From teaware, to a book collection to get lost in, as well as a signature display-worthy collection of tea, with flavours and names too good to look away from.

To add further charm, they are two of the most humble, hard-working people I have ever had the privilege to chat with, and it’s only fair to add that Paulina had me in stitches on more than one occasion.

During our chat, Paulina shared some of her design inspirations such as the iconic Fortumn and Masons and the quintessentially British Afternoon Tea, so that we, the listener, can get a sense of the creative evolution that The Berry Tea Shop has undergone.

Whether you visit in person or delve into their brand online, you will feel the warmth of their tea philosophy as they encourage you to slow down, take a break and be part of the present moment as you enjoy your tea sip by sip. Something I think we all love to embrace, whether we achieve it regularly or not. The enthusiastic English love of tea, married with the undeniable Australian charm, is a blend to be savoured when you're part of The Berry Tea Shop community.

Plus, I have no doubt that our last topic of discussion in the podcast will have you laughing along with us and, I’m sure, spark a few debates too! Enough said!

My warmest thanks to both Paulina and Cliff for taking the time to share this story with me.


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