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Scotland Tea Diaries

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Having spoken with the two charismatic creators of the Scotland Tea Diaries, Jamie and Bryn, I can say with confidence that they are as delightful as their content. As their self made intro explains, they are ‘two girls searching for the best afternoon tea in Scotland.’

3 Tiers of afternoon tea treats
Their very own Afternoon Tea Creation

Our conversation together was full of giggles and fantastic insights, as well as some twists to the plot that only add further to the fairytale experience that they are embarking on together and sharing so honestly with their audience.

I remark within our chat at just how fantastic it is to hear that after over two years and countless afternoon tea experience cues, that they are still so clearly excited by their passion for it and thus, making it truly a passion project in so many ways.

A truly great friendship and mutual love of sharing afternoon tea together, are the key ingredients that in my opinion make their content so refreshingly real and feel good.

Whether you’re a devoted afternoon tea lover, or you simply enjoy listening to great stories, insights, all with a healthy spread of humour…. I am confident that you will find this episode with the ladies from Scotland Tea Diaries a little slice of magic like I did.


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