A Creative Challenge

In the words of Paddington Bear, “it’s very good to try something new once in a while,” and how right he is! So after having chatted with the wonderful Paulina (owner of The Berry Tea Shop), an opportunity to try something new popped up!

Perhaps thanks to a life spent in Classical Ballet, I believe in the creative ‘deep end’ far more than I do the ‘tip toe’ towards a project approach (if you’ll pardon the pun!) So the question was, could I take a new product and create something to showcase it in my own way? Well….. there’s only one way to find out! Before I go any further and share anything more, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to both Paulina and Cliff for the opportunity to try. It’s these opportunities, and the feeling like people believe in you enough to let you try, that really helps us all fly a little bit lighter on our travels.

I shall try to set the scene as it happened in my head! I hear the words ‘a brand new blend of tea!’ In my head, I'm giddy with the prospect already, obviously! Then, add to the mix that it’s a blend made in honour of our new Sovereign, King Charles III…. Well, that was it, I was off in my own world with ideas. But it was only when the heavenly-wrapped package arrived at my home and I actually saw (and tasted) the tea, that it all just flowed from there. Lost for the day in a creative gallop, along with my husband (who’s creative collaboration and skills I would be lost without,) is how our take on this beautiful new blend of tea came to be.

Sketch of Gardener King Artwork
Where it started

You could ask literally every person you know what they think of when they hear the words “Royal” and, without a doubt, get a hugely diverse response. For me, when I think of our King Charles, I see a man who is both a Father and Grandfather. A man who no doubt has the same hopes as many of us share, and that’s to leave a positive mark on the future for our loved ones to enjoy long after we have gone. That is why I love the term being used to describe him as ‘The Gardener King.’ Yes, he is a very keen gardener and a man who has been clear about his passion for climate change, but it is what he stands for that I feel most nostalgic about. A gardener who wishes to plant seeds now that can have a positive effect on the futures of those he loves and their loved ones for years to come. That is why I wish to draw a representation of an English Garden, albeit a slightly whimsical version of it. Somewhere beautiful that you could imagine yourself being whilst you enjoy a cup of The Berry Tea Shops, No.14, Royal Tea. I hope it triggers a wonderful feeling in you too.

As always, it’s time to put the kettle on and thank you for reading along.

Final custom illustration of the gardener king by tea:lc
Where it finished


Unboxing the Royal Tea Blend


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