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Laugh out Loud

Fun, lighthearted and perfect friend to accompany you and your next tea.

A gift for you or a friend

Just like tea, somethings are better shared. Send to a friend or take a copy to your next catchup.

Tea Ergonomics

Not too big that you need a back brace and easy layout design to ensure the cuppa doesn't need to be put down

About the book

A double act that will make you laugh. A lighthearted journey exploring the British love affair and symbiotic relationship with tea. From mug-huggers to tea fashion and everything in between. You can dunk a tea bag and a biscuit, as we explore all the colourful and quirky ways tea has become the backbone of (most) British people. Time to put the kettle on and enjoy some Tea:LC

Peek inside

Book Contents Preview


National Icon.

The History of British Tea in Five Sips.

The Brits.

The British and their tea

Tea Leaves Or Tea Bags.

When To Have Tea.

The Pinky Salute.

The Mug Hugger.


My Cup.

Tea v Coffee.

No One Does It Better.

How do you take yours ?

Travel & Tea.

The Breakaway.

Women & Tea Equations.

Service Stations.


Medical Breakthrough.

Solar Kettle.

It’s A Cup Of Tea Kind Of Day.


It’s Not My Cup Of Tea.

Coincidence? I Think Not!

It's good to laugh

The Morning Cup Of Tea.

Tea In Bed.


EB at Heart.

Simple & Sincere.

The Tea Chest.


Tea Fashion.

Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Delight.

Tea Party.


Child’s Play.

Make A Tea Date.

So How Mad About Tea Are You?

From One Tea Lover To Another.

Tea Culture

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