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Welcome to tea:lc

If you often head to the ‘about us’ page first when browsing a new entity, then I hope like me, it’s your curiosity about the people, ideas and journey behind it that draws you in! Thank you for your curiosity! Hello…I’m Jade! 


The journey began because I discovered a joy in writing and the completion of my book… Tea. The Great British Answer To Everything! There’s a whole story behind how this came about in itself but it all began on the sofa, not able to drink tea, whilst cradling my baby girl. I’ll share the rest with you another time…


I am extremely fortunate to have worked and played in very creative avenues in my life, as a royal ballet teacher, choreographer and movement Coach. Working with world class athletes, teams, dancers and just generally amazing people looking to better themselves in some way or another.  It was a first class education in ‘people’ and I am very privileged to have had such a depth of experience because of this! 


However, despite working in this very creative, no-hour-the-same environment, it has been the Tea avenue that has led me to a new treasure trove of creativity. It’s provided me with a way of connecting a lot of dots that I hope, with my husband, we can bring to you. 


Next came our idea for the podcast. Fuelled by tea. It’s a journey of discovery and curiosity all of its own. Getting to talk with kind hearted, giving, incredibly creative people, who all have one common thread… tea. They either work with it, create for it, design or simply enjoy a good cup of it in their day! Speaking with each of them and getting to learn a little about their story and experiences, has felt like a masterclass of growth and learning that is quite frankly addictive. Tea really is only the common denominator and each conversation has been so much bigger than being just about tea itself but with a warm undertone of it throughout! 


With that said, and so much left out, (otherwise this could be my second book) we hope you enjoy what we create and share with you above all else. Please reach out, chat with us in your own way. Tell us who we should chat with or simply give us your thoughts, it really does make our day and we thank you for taking the time to be a part of this with us. 


It’s ‘Between Two Cups’… ours and yours!

Jade x

About Us

Jade from Fuelled by Tea and tealc enjoying an afternoon tea
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