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Tea and a good book

Beaten only by tea and a good book about tea

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Fuelled by Tea Podcast

Open window looking over garden

The Laundry Garden

Afternoon tea deserts from the Langham hotel london

Andrew Gravett

Nauteas pineapple tea

Katia from Nauteas

Victoria eggs London tea mug

Victoria Eggs

Put the kettle on and explore the incredible worlds of our treasured guests on our podcast.

The British Tea Culture

“Tea. Whether you consider it a philosophy or a dependency to be concerned about, there’s no denying that ‘Tea’ is a thread sewn deep into the fabric of British Culture. No decision can be made, no plan properly considered or celebration complete, without a cup of tea in one’s hand.” - Tea . The Great British Answer To Everything

Langham Hotel London Afternoon Tea Deserts

Chef Andrew Gravett

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Discover the joy in knowing more about the team behind an iconic Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel London

Cierra Block holding copy of her book. London Block by Block

London. Block by Block

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From Astro Physics and Biomedical Engineering. To illustrator, business owner and, more recently, Author. This story is about how an open mind and positive spirit

Victoria Eggs holding tea mug and wearing apron

Victoria Eggs

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We’ve all heard the saying “home is where the heart is,” and with the average day-to-day pace of life getting faster and more diverse, it’s no surprise that so many of us actively look for ways to slow it down and to make sure that we’re not missing moments along the way. After all, what’s the rush?